Walmart Jumps Into Used Game Market

Love or hate GameStop, they do have one thing going for them: Used games. For years they have been allowed to corner the market on buying and selling used titles, although others have tried to steal some of that market, such as Best Buy.

Walmart announced today that they will be joining the ranks of used game dealers later this month. Customers can choose from either online or in-store trade in, although consoles can only be traded in person. Used games coming into Walmart will also be refurbished before going back onto shelves for buyers.

What’s the appeal of trading games in at Walmart? In return, customers get a gift card which can be used on any products (gaming or otherwise) at Walmart and Sam’s Club. Although customers can start trading in games for credit on March 26th, the used titles won’t be on shelves until later in the year. When they do they’ll come with a special sticker denoting the “pre-owned” status.