Wandersong’s Musical Adventure Begins This September

Wandersong, a game about undaunting optimism and the power of song, was originally kickstarted  back in 2016.  Now, after two years of development a brief delay, the game is finally set to release at the end of the month. At long last, fans of the Bard character class will have a game in which they’re the star rather than the back-up.

In Wandersong, players have the ability to break into song at any time and use it to interact with the environment. The effect their song has depends on their surroundings. Sometimes it’ll open the path forward, while at other times it’ll simply cheer up a depressed NPC. There’s a whole, sad world out there that needs saving, and our bard has both the attitude and capability to get the job done.

Wandersong releases for PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch on September 27