Wargaming Announces New Publishing, Development Division ‘WG Cells’

Wargaming has had a big year. Not only was World of Tanks released on Xbox One and World of Warships finally set sail on PC, but they also announced the formation of WG Labs, a development arm focusing on non-“World of” titles. Now the company has diverisifed even further with the creation of WG Cells, a new publishing and development division that will focus exclusively on mobile titles.

“It’s very exciting to bring the full force of Wargaming’s brand, expertise, know-how, and resources to the fast growing mobile games market,” said David Bluhm, Head of WG Cells U.S. “Wargaming has already created world-class games for every major gaming medium, and WG Cells will help further bolster the company’s mobile offerings with some outstanding titles.”

The studio’s current portfolio include games like Loot & Legends, Fantastic Plastic Squad and Smash Squad.