Wargroove To Receive Free Double Trouble Expansion

Developers Chucklefish found themselves with yet another retro-styled hit on their hands last year in the from of Wargroove, an Advance Wars-inspired turn-based strategy game. It was loved by many, and we’re guessing those many want even more of Wargroove. Well, lo and behold, Chucklefish have now announced Double Trouble, a free expansion for the game set to arrive in February. And as seen in the trailer below, it’s bringing quite a bit of new content to the table.

The new expansion will add a new story campaign, a new faction in the form of The Outlaws, complete with three new commanders, new units comprised of Thieves and Riflemen, a new volcano biome, and an improved lobby for online play. Wargroove players will be able to check all of this out when Double Trouble arrives for the PC, Switch, and XB1 versions on February 6. PS4 fans will have to wait a little longer, but hey, good things come to those who wait.