Wasteland 2 Teases New Update Improving Modding Tools And Visuals

Wasteland 2 has been receiving a fairly steady stream of updates following its release late last year. A sixth major update was just released that added some Steam achievements and other improvements, but inXile entertainment is already planning their next round of improvements. They claim the game remains a passion project of theirs, so these sort of updates will probably remain semi-routine for a while longer.

Covered in full in the updates section of their Kickstarter page, the biggest update they anticipate making is upgrading their game engine from Unity 4.5 to Unity 5. There are numerous benefits to Unity 5, including improved visuals and being packaged with many tools from Unity 4.x Pro. This will allow modders to get their hands on all sorts of new goodies, with the benefit of not setting them back thousands of dollars from purchasing the tools on their own. Check out their page for a full list of anticipated updates.