Watch Dogs: Legion Receives “Tipping Point” Short Film

While we would indeed love if every major trailer for an upcoming video game were a gameplay trailer, sometimes you need something to establish the game’s world and style in an attractive way. Case in point, Watch Dogs: Legion. While it did have a full-on gameplay showcase during the recent Ubisoft Forward presentation, it opened with a short film entitled “Tipping Point,” which you can check out below.

Directed by Alberto Mielgo, an Emmy-winning animator known for their work on the likes of Love, Death & Robots and Tron: Uprising, the film established just exactly how horrible this dystopian version of London has become, and how one cab driver’s sudden actions during a standoff between Albion and a DeadSec member leads them to join the resistance. While Watch Dogs: Legion itself probably won’t have levels of action as intense and detailed as the stuff shown here, “Tipping Point” is still a killer piece of work to help get you excited for when the game comes out this Autumn.