Watch Dogs: Legion Shows Off Post-Launch Content, New Story Trailer

With less than a month to go until release, do you still need more information about the story in Watch Dogs: Legion? Well, thankfully we now have a more quick, abridged story trailer summing everything up so far, which you can check out below. London is being terrorized by Zero Day, a madman seeking to bring down the city, beginning with a series of bombings. In a response to this, DedSec has been framed for the attacks and is being hunted, while an over-zealous PMC called Albion has London in an iron grip, the Clan Kelly crime syndicate is now running amok, and Zero Day is still out there. That’s a lot of threats to handle, which is why DedSec is now recruiting anyone it can find (and that you can play as) in order to take back the city.

Alongside the new story trailer, Live Producer Lathieeshe Thillainathan detailed some of the post-launch content we can expect for Watch Dogs: Legion in the clip below. For free content, December 3 brings us the introduction of the game’s online mode, which allows for co-op with up to four players, ith specific co-op missions. Then there are dedicated four-player Tactical Ops missions and the first PvP mode, Spider-Bot Arena, with similar PvP games to follow, plus the return of Invasion mode. Other free content includes dynamic events, new characters (including a hypnotist), new missions, and New Game Plus.

As for the Season Pass, though, the focus is on the Bloodline story expansion for now. As previously announced, Aiden Pierce from the first game will return with a continuation of his story, which confused us a bit back then, as we were expecting Wrench from Watch Dogs 2 instead…and apparently someone was listening to us, because Wrench is here as a playable Hero Character now as well! Yay! We also get another Hero Character, Mina, a person subjected to transhuman experiments who has the power of mind control. Finally, we get a crossover with Assassin’s Creed with Darcy, a modern-day Assassin, and another attempt by Ubisoft to link their universe together (this isn’t the first time Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed have crossed paths, after all). More details on the Season pass and more post-launch content will come later, but for now, Watch Dogs: Legion is set to come out on October 29 for XB1, PS4, PC, November 10 for XSX, and November 12 for PS5.