Watch Dogs Will Run at a “Steady” 30fps on Next-Gen Hardware, Native Resolution Still A Mystery

It seems, at least to start, this wont be the “all sixty-fps” generation many had been dreaming of. Today in an interview with VideoGamer, the game’s creative director Jonathan Morin confirmed that the studio is more interested in keeping the frame-rate consistent at thirty-fps than shooting for a maximum of sixty-fps with the chance of sudden drops.¬†Despite this confirmation, though, Morin couldn’t confirm what resolution the game will run at.

When a game’s user-input device is a controller, thirty-fps is a perfectly reasonable frame-rate. Of course, with this new generation of consoles, it was nice to imagine that we’d be playing everything at sixty. More odd than anything, though, is that Morin didn’t confirm the game’s native resolution. Forza 5 has already been confirmed as running at 1080p, while RYSE will be in 900p. Perhaps Watch Dogs was initially going to run in 720p but they’re making final a push to get it to 1080p? I guess we’ll find out when the game launches for PS4 on November 15th, most everything else on November 19th, and on the Xbox One on the 22nd.