Watch Hat Pikachu Show Off its New Z-Move

Recently, it was announced a special Pikachu would be available in Japan. Fans pre-ordering tickets for the upcoming Pokémon movie will also receive a Pikachu wearing one of Ash’s many hats from the animated series. Use this Pokémon in Sun and Moon to win your battles with ease.

A Twitter post made by the Japanese Pokémon account shows the Pikachu performing a new signature move. With the Pikashunium Z-Crystal equipped, Pikachu will unleash its 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt. Pikachu jumps high into the air to create a storm. It conducts the lightning and directs its power toward the enemy. The attack has a full 195 Power with the chance to inflict more damage due to an increased critical hit ratio. The Z-Crystal even has a special design to look more like Pikachu’s tail. This attack is Pikachu’s second exclusive Z-Move after the significantly stronger Catastropika. No word right now if any Pikachu can use the new attack or if it’s only allowed for Hat Pikachu.

Take a look at Pikachu in the post below to witness the shocking amount of power!