Watch the First Twenty Minutes of New Llamsoft Game Moose Life

The Minotaur Arcade was supposed to be a way to revive the lost iOS Llamasoft games but something strange happened along the way.  In the same way Minotaur Arcade v.1 remastered Gridrunner and Goat Up, MAV2 was going to be Super Ox Wars and another remake, and then a new game got in the way.  It turns out the problem with creativity is it doesn’t come with an accessible Off switch, which resulted in a new title being made in the chunky-voxel format that defines this series.  Moose Life is the pure arcade action Llamsoft is known for, inspired by the classic Juno First but taken in any number of new directions, and it’s a weird little beastie.  A moose that looks far more like an elk travels on two endless planes, switching at will between the top and bottom, shooting everything in its path while keeping an eye out for sheepies to save.  The video starts off properly level-1 slow and gets properly insane by the end, with mutating enemies, multi-shot powerups, and herds of stags charging up the screen, all set to sound effects created on the Vic 20 and endless deer-pun text.  Give it a look below to soak in the pure arcade madness.

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