WayForward Unveils First Trailer For Vitamin Connection

Back in August, we first learned about WayForward’s newest IP, Vitamin Connection. But while we had learned about the basic concept then, we had yet to see to see the actual game in action. Well, until now, of course. The first trailer for Vitamin Connection has been released, along with a release date…and it looks like its coming out sooner than expected. You can check out the debut clip below, which per WayForward tradition, paints a portrait of one colorful adventure.

Playing as Vita-Boy and Mina-Girl, players (going solo or co-op) will venture inside of the Sable family, protecting them from various diseases. To do so requires careful maneuvers in their Capsule Ship, moving the Switch controller around while engaging in shooter bits and various sub-games. It certainly looks like another cute gem in WayForward’s lineup, so here’s hoping the game is more Fantastic Voyage and much less Rex Ronan: Experimental Surgeon. Vitamin Connection hits the Switch eShop on February 20, but players will be able to pre-order a physical version from Limited Run Games beginning on January 17, so watch out for it.

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