WB Games and Rocksteady Reveal Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

The virtual DC Fandome event gave us heroes with Gotham Knights earlier today, but the evening is apparently for the villains, as WB Games and Rocksteady appeared with the help of Will Arnett to unveil Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. The first trailer dropped below, and gives us a look at Rocksteady’s version of Task Force X, which includes Harley Quinn, Deadshot, King Shark, and Captain Boomerang. The gang is relaxing on a rooftop restaurant’s patio in between missions…in the middle of a Metropolis under siege, with one of Brainiac’s ships parked in the middle of it.

After some banter, a sudden enemy invasion sees them burst into action, showing off their skills to the sounds of an Outkast jam. Deadshot flies around on a jetpack, shooting enemies and burning them with the exhaust, King Shark goes full melee and wields a huge gatling gun, Harley Quinn has her acrobatic skills, confetti bombs, and zips around on a grappling hook, and Captain Boomerang not only has his trick boomerangs, but superhuman speed as well (a trait seemingly borrowed from the second Captain Boomerang in the comics, Owen Mercer, the original’s son). At the end, though, we learn that the squad has a special target to kill…and cue Superman, under mind control via Brainiac. So now we can figure out why they’ve been given the mission in the title…

After the trailer, Creative Director Stefon Hill came out to provide some more information about the game. There will notably be more shooting mechanics in this game, if that wasn’t obvious, and emphasis will be made on the setting of Metropolis, calling it a “fifth character.” Unlike Gotham Knights, the game is also part of the Arkhamverse (although Deadshot has clearly undergone some changes), and any stories within it will continue in this game. But the most notable part was that Suicide Squad will be a game for up to four players, though it can be played solo. Those in single-player will be able to switch between squad members while the rest fight alongside them.

Stefon notably emphasized this part, which comes on the heels of the tepid response to the beta for Marvel’s Avengers and the less-than-stellar reactions to the gameplay reveal for Gotham Knights, each of which showcased “live service” aspects. It’s unknown whether Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will also follow this route or not, but so far the more colorful and humorous tone has garnered a better reception to it, so here’s hoping for the best. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will arrive in 2022 for XSX, PS5, and PC, though, so we have a while to go until it’s release.