WB Interactive Pulls Batman: Arkham Knight’s PC Version

Batman: Arkham Knight released on PC yesterday to a wave of complaints that the game simply didn’t work right.  The framerate was all over the place, people who pre-loaded it had the game corrupted, and for some reason it was even locked to 30FPS.  It didn’t happen to everyone, but it was a large enough percentage of the user base for Arkham Knight’s launch to be a complete disaster.  As of a few minutes ago at the time of this writing, the problems are being dealt with by pulling the game from sale to any new customers until its issues are resolved.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who already own the game and it runs fine, it will continue to play exactly as it has.  Everyone else, however, is going to have to wait while Arkham Knight is retooled into a state of reliable usability.  When that might be is a mystery, but at least the game will be functional when it happens.