We Are One Brings Self Co-Op to Steam, Meta Quest Today

Oftentimes when someone is trying to describe their favorite hero’s or villain’s power level, it’s quite tempting to say something like “he’s practically a one-man-army!” It’s practically a cliché at this point, but it’s nonetheless still good at communicating just how terribly strong the character is.

Of course, the image one usually gets from this cliché is one of combat effectiveness; the dude is so strong that they’re as effective as a whole army. We don’t think of it literally. When talking about your in character in  We Are One though, literally is exactly how the phrase should be applied. Flat Head Studio just released it today on Steam and Meta Store, and it’s looking something that is, at the very least, a rather unique VR experience.

In We Are One, players will fight back an ever-encroaching industrial machine and do so on behalf of Mother Nature itself. As one of its avatars, players are armed with weapons capable of destroying the machines, but they can only do so much alone. Fortunately, the player hasn’t just been gifted weapons, but also the power to loop time itself and create any number of temporal clones.

Sheer strength in numbers isn’t what’s going to win the day in We Are One though. In order to successfully puzzle their way through all fifty of the game’s stages, players will need to start thinking in terms of time loops. It’s only by getting each of the clones exactly where they need to be, doing what they need to do and doing it all in perfect sequence that they’ll be able to achieve final victory. It apparently isn’t just a matter of going an standing on different sequences of buttons or something either. Players can interact with their past selves and even pass items like ammo clips between clones, so it really is a matter of successfully cooperating with oneself.

Philipp Sigl, Co-founder & Programmer at Flat Head Studio said: “Watching and interacting with your past selves is a one-of-a-kind sensation that shines in VR. The time loop mechanic is integral to building an army of one, but how each level’s sequence of events unfolds depends on what actions each clone performs. You must think several steps ahead and walk in your future self’s shoes to solve the game’s puzzles.”

We Are One has apparently already received some positive buzz. Patrick Liu, Head of Publishing at Fast Travel Games, said: “We Are One has been one of the highest rated games on App Lab for a long time now, and we are really proud and honored to work with Flat Head and finally bring this fantastic VR gem to official store fronts.”

Those who find themselves feeling at least a little curious don’t have to jump in and buy We Are One right away either. There’s actually a demo available on the game’s Steam page right now. If it’s a good fit then, it can be picked up right away on Steam or Meta Store for $14.99.

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