We Create Stuff Reveals Psychological Horror Game In Sound Mind

Indie horror games are a dime a dozen, so a new entry into the genre really needs a unique hook or style to stand out. So thankfully for Nightmare House 2 creators We Create Stuff, their latest game, In Sound Mind, was definitely intriguing enough to stand out during the PC Gaming Show. Described as a witty psychological first-person horror game, the announcement trailer (seen below) indeed wastes no time getting to the surreal mind screws.

In Sound Mind sees you awakening in a mysterious building, exposed to an experimental chemical along with other people. To escape, you’ll need to experience creepy memories, solve a variety of puzzles, and arm up with weapons to take on bosses, all set to a soundtrack by The Living Tombstone. In Sound Mind is set for a 2021 release with some assistance form publisher Modus Games, coming out for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X. And if you want to give it a shot, there’s a demo up on Steam right now.