Weapons Transform in New God Eater 3 Trailer

Another tale of teenager pressed into saving the world will soon be hitting gaming in the form of God Eater 3. Those who take up the challenge will have to lead their comrades against the cataclysmic race of monsters known as the “Ash Aragami,” and they’ll have to do it using crazy powers and ridiculously over-sized weapons. There’s kind of a trick to these weapons though, they can transform!

Transforming weapons have been popping up with increasing frequency ever since Bloodborne launched back in 2015, so the concept isn’t exactly new. However, it looks like players will be able to customize the different forms their weapon can take. It’s not clear whether or not every form shown in the trailer can be accessed at will, but it would definitely be interesting so long as there’s a tactical reason to make the change. The game will be supporting cooperative play too, so hopefully it’ll be a decision to think about when forming parties.

God Eater 3 launches for PC and PlayStation 4 on February 8.

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