Week of Splatoon 2 Demo Available Now

Last week it was announced Splatoon 2 would receive a free demo for newcomers to check out. Starting today you can download the trial software to get in on the splatisfying action.

If you were original Splatoon owner on the Wii U  and have yet to play the sequel on the Switch, you’re in for a fresh treat. It features plenty of different weapons, gear and specials along with new modes that will all surely draw you back in. This all comes with good timing too as many folks have been under stay-at-home orders but also because Splatoon 2 received a balancing update not too long ago so things should run quite smoothly.

The demo is free and you’ll receive a discount after the session ends May 6 if you want to purchase the full title. If you’re still undecided, perhaps this short trailer could change your mind!


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