Where Is My Body? Brings Classic Mystery to the GameBoy This Year

Green Boy Games announced today that their next game, Where Is My Body?, will be hitting the GameBoy later this year. The throwback title is styled after classic point and click adventure games like Maniac Mansion or Monkey Island. At the moment, Where Is My Body? is only available through its Kickstarter, and it will eventually be published via physical cartridges only. It’s unusual in this age of digital distribution to be sure, but an old system like the GameBoy kind of requires it.

Where Is My Body? puts players in control of a sentient, disembodied hand. After it’s reanimated by one “Mr. Pentagon,” the hand awakens and sets-off in search of its body. The game will be shipping both English and Japanese versions, both of which will be playable on any GameBoy device regardless of region. Fans who order Where Is My Body? will eventually receive the game cartrdige as well as an instruction manual and a box modeled after the classic GameBoy style.