White Shadows Gets Cast Onto PC, Consoles Today

Cinematic puzzle-platformer White Shadows finally sees release today, possibly giving players who’ve been missing the likes of Inside or Little Nightmares something more to chew on.  This tale of one little raven girl’s journey to escape her dystopian society isn’t quite on the same level  as its genre peers, but there might still be enough here for those who just plain enjoy interesting art styles and bleak themes. So, here’s the latest trailer showcasing this world and its unsettling inhabitants.

Story-wise, White Shadows casts players as a nameless raven seeking a way out of the extremely dangerous city. Players will have to help her navigate rotting infrastructure, mechanical pits and avoid guards that hold no qualms over shooting aspiring escapees on sight. She’s apparently not the only free thinker left, but it’s  going to take everything she’s got to reach the others and hopefully find some safety at last.

White Shadows is available now for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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