Wii U Demo Station Coming Soon?

Waiting for a new console to launch is an excruciating experience. After hearing it announced, you don’t sleep until a pre-order is locked in. After plopping down $50 for something that doesn’t yet exist, the following months are spent lying in wait. Will the console live up to your expectations? Will you have enough money to buy every game you want? What games do you want? How does the controller feel? Questions race through your mind faster than a Jamaican Bobsled team.

Luckily, the wait isn’t nearly as bad when hands-on kiosks are installed in retail stores. While still a month away for launch, it looks like Nintendo is planning just that for the Wii U. A few picks snapped of an internal Best Buy circular were posted on GAF that seem to suggest that some Best Buy’s around the country will be launching playable kiosks sometime this week. We don’t put a lot of stock in uncofirmed images, but these look legit. The font and resolutuon is right, and the kiosk images seem near-impossible to fake. While no date has been confirmed, expect these to be up soon.

Besides being able to play the console, it also looks like there will be cardboard cards to pre-order games and accessories at the register. We’ll be patrolling Best Buy’s this week for any hints of a launch and will be sure to get back to you with any updates. Check out the flyer pics below: