Xenoblade Chronicles X to Feature a Rich, Sci-Fi World; Brings on Gundam Writer

Tetsuya Takahashi, director of Monlith Soft’s upcoming sequel Xenoblade Chronicles X, disclosed some new details on the upcoming Wii U exclusive set to launch some time next year.

Takahashi stated that there are a whole host of artists working on the game aside from the esteemed Kunihiko Tanaka, and that they are hard at work on creating all sorts of alien races. These races will have their own unique traits and culture, which would further cement the information that dropped earlier this week about the game stating that it will be more science-fiction than Xenoblade Chronicles.

Moreover, we also learned today that the script writing isn’t being penned only by Yuichiro Takeda, but also by Kazuho Hyodo, best known for his sci-fi work on the Gundam series. Again, this looks to be less of a fantasy game like the first, and more of a full-on space opera. Which would be right in line with the “Xeno-” lineage.