Wild Cat Gun Machine Claws Up Release Trailer With Bonus Kitty

Dungeons are the perfect home for monsters, tucked out of the way in forgotten corners of the universe, but every once in a while someone gets trapped there and has to slaughter their way out.  There’s usually some kind of “saving the world/kingdom/significant other” rationalization, but the result is a ton of dead monstrosities that will never get to achieve their dreams of feasting on the souls of the living.  The latest dungeon to have its horrific ecosystem upended is the one found in Wildcat Gun Machine, where a white-haired hero needs to fight her way out of a deadly maze of interconnected rooms filled with creatures that will fight back with all the bullet-hell fury they can muster.

Wildcat Gun Machine is a twin-stick not-roguelike, which is fairly unusual nowadays.  While it looks like it could be randomly generated each room and the encounters within is hand-crafted, with the waves of enemies designed for a specific ramping up of difficulty.  Combat earns bones, which can be spent back at the central hub to buy new weapons and abilities, and while cat-lady can only carry an unlimited-ammo pistol and limited-ammo power weapon, the guns are designed so that a seemingly-weaker one can be every bit as effective as something new if it fits your play style.  The entire package is wrapped up with a sharp 2D art style, which looks particularly good on the mechs the hero can earn to use for a limited time and the giant bosses that can soak up all that firepower.

After a number of demos in various Steam-fests Wildcat Gun Machine is finally available today, and it’s got a shiny new trailer to show off with.  As a bonus, the trailer includes a very patient real cat doing cat-type stuff, which easily justifies a watch.

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