Wildermyth Starts Its Story With Beta Release

A good story is its own reward and sometimes the best ones become legends.  Wildermyth isn’t so much an RPG of a single adventure but rather a series of stories about exploring The Yondering Lands, creating a party and watching its legend grow as your characters age, change, form relationships, and eventually die or retire.  The choices you make determine everything from character relationship status to the type of scars your characters earn, including losing limbs as a result of a poor decision in its tactical turn-based battles.  Time passes whether you’re exploring a new region, renovating a captured fortress, or training up a new party member, and while you can certainly split the party to multitask throughout the land that’s always a questionable tactic.  Maybe it’s better to do many things at once to prevent the enemy forces from growing too strong as their plans come to fruition, or maybe it’s best to keep your forces focused, secure in the knowledge that together the group is strong enough to handle whatever may come.  Whichever it may be, the legends of success or defeat will spread through the land, forming the myths of the world for the next group you create.

Wildermyth is a lovely RPG rendered in a papercraft style, and it just hit a public beta today over at itch.io.  Even in it’s early state the game is a lively and instantly likable journey into a new land, with a nicley tactical battle system and a unique magic system that looks to offer a good amount of versatility.  I’ve only played about an hour so far but, seeing as the original plan was to give it a quick 15 minutes to get a feel for things, I can say that it sinks its hooks into the brain fairly quickly and doesn’t want to let go.