Wildstar’s Power of the Primal Matrix Expansion Goes Live Next Week

Wildstar is preparing its latest expansion that promises to change the way you’ll power up your characters post max level and today it was announced when you’ll be able to go beyond the cap. On Wednesday of next week ready yourself to finally discover the Power of the Primal Matrix.

With more power and abilities being added to the game you’ve gotta figure that some new instances will show up to be conquered. Evil from the Ether and Coldblood Citadel will be part of the new Prime difficulty system that allows players to increase the challenge for more powerful rewards. If you’re lagging behind a bit you can also scale the dungeons down and receive regular loot. The Power of the Primal Matrix will feature a magnitude of ways to level up your character past 50, new abilities and two new dungeons among other secrets ready to be uncovered.

Wildstar is a free to play MMO with a monthly subscription option and a cash shop. The upcoming expansion Power of the Primal Matrix will go live on March 8, 2017 for free.