Windjammers and Claire From Limited Run Games this Friday

The Limited Run Games holiday release schedule is packed this year, with this week being especially busy featuring six releases across two titles.  The big one for the week is undeniably Windjammers, the Neo Geo favorite that’s a bizarre fusion of Street Fighter and Pong.  Players shoot a frisbee back and forth trying to land in their opponent’s goal, using the special abilities of their chosen character to tip the odds in their favor.  The other game is Claire, a side-view survival-horror game where a woman and her dog search for her mother in a dark world, saving who they can along the way.  Claire is available on PS4 and Vita, 2,500 copies apiece, while Windjammers is a bit more scattered in its version.  The game comes in the usual regular version, but the Collector’s Edition ships in an oversized box with a full-sized official Windjammers-branded Wham-O frisbee included, blue in most versions but one in five come in bright neon pink.  The PS4 regular clocks in at 3,800 copies, Collector’s at 2,500.  Vita regular is 3,000 units, Collector’s at 2,000.

Next week is another two-game release, but a little easier on the collector as they’re PS4-exclusive.  River City Melee and Double Dragon IV are both throwback-style games to their respective series by Arc System Works, and they’ll each get a normal standard and a CE edition that comes in an NES-style box with extra pack-in goodies that have yet to be revealed, plus cover art unique to the US release commissioned specifically for these versions.  It’s an expensive holiday season, but one to make gaming shelves a little happier.

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