Windows 10 and Xbox One Cross-Platform Multiplayer Possible

There are a lot of different ways that Windows 10 will interact with the Xbox One, including the Xbox app for social and sharing, game streaming, and even that many Windows 10 apps will be able to natively run on Xbox One, but arguably the most important line of today’s conference was also a throwaway one: Microsoft’s Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, casually mentioned the possibility of cross-platform multiplayer between Windows 10 and Xbox One.

“We think enabling people to play multiplayer games on Windows 10, across Xbox One and Windows 10, will unlock the potential of Xbox Live,” Spencer said.

Details were light about this feature, but it’s probably the one players should be most excited about. Cross-platform play has been a dream of many for a long time, but restrictions by platform holders and technological barrier have always gotten in the way. It was extremely exciting when the recently unveiled Street Fighter V brought with it the news of cross-platform multiplayer between PlayStation 4 and PC, but if this becomes a standard across the board between Xbox One and PC, with Microsoft really leveraging its power on both platforms, it could open up so many cool avenues for players and developers alike.