With Two Days Left, The Land Of Eyas Gets Kickstarted

The extremely cute puzzle-platformer from Happy Square Productions, The Land Of Eyas, hit its $5000 funding goal with just under two days left. In it, the adorable Eyas and his white and gray-striped cat outfit jump deftly around dozens of levels, using a warped sense of gravity to attain new heights – or depths.

Players have to collect artifacts and bring them back to a mysterious tree in the hub world to reveal the game’s story bit by bit. The game boasts both a stronger narrative foundation than most in the genre and a polished, pleasing aesthetic. It’s already been Greenlit, so backers can expect a copy in Summer 2015 for Windows, Mac OS and Linux and Winter for Xbox Live.

Latecomers can still back the game on the Kickstarter. $10 nets you a Steam copy, and $20 gets you the game, soundtrack (which is great!) and the game Cirbie, which is the first game created by the lead developer of Eyas. If you’re seeing this after the Kickstarter has ended but still want to pledge, you can pre-order on the official site.