World of Tanks PS4 Release Date Revealed

It’s been a…well, short time coming really…but World of Tanks is finally rolling out to PS4 in full on January 19. The release follows the completion of two successful beta weekends where practically everything went off without a hitch. As Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore put countless hours into the PS4 version of the title, it’s no surprise that they feel confident enough with the final product to go live so quickly.

Better news still, all players subscribed to PlayStation Plus will get access to a unique Premium vehicle: the exclusive German Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J-PS. This tank comes adorned with unique darkened camouflage featuring a stylish “pinup girl” livery.

To learn literally everything there is to learn about World of Tanks on PS4, be sure to read our hot-off-the-presses preview. We went out to Chicago to get the inside scoop on all of the game’s unique features, so it’s something you don’t want to miss!