World’s End Club Arrives on Steam on November 30

World’s End Club has initially released for iOS and Android back in September 2020 and has been on the Switch since May, and now PC-based fans will have their chance to check it out too. The game’s page just went live on Steam, so those interested in delving into it’s Danganronpa-esque death game can wishlist it now if they like. It might just be worth it for interested fans to pick up World’s End Club sooner rather than later too, as it’ll be discounted by thirty percent during launch week.

As for what exactly World’s End Club is, it’s the story of a class of students who find themselves trapped in an undersea theme park and forced to participate in a “Fate Game.” As with all of these sorts of games, “fate”  might as well be “death, leaving the kids no choice but to fight if they want to get out alive. Gameplaywise, World’s End Club is a 2D mix of story-adventure and action-puzzler. The man behind the Danganronpa series, Kazutaka Kodaka, is also the main mind behind this one, so it’s likely worth it for fans of that series to give this game a look too.

World’s End Club is available now for iOS, Android and Switch. It will launch on November 30 for Steam at a base price of $29.99.