Worlds, Weapons, Weird Creatures Galore in Latest Biomutant Trailer

After countless months of silence — to the point many were starting to worry if the game had simply been shelved altogether — developer Experiment 101, following their brief offering an update last February to reassure fans, have dished out a new, near-ten minute trailer for their upcoming action RPG, Biomutant. And there’s a lot to unpack with this latest slice of what appears to be as close to final gameplay, as we’re going to get. Both returning features and some new sights along the way, spring up.

As we knew beforehand, while Biomutant’s premise is of a ruined world with remnants of what appears to be human civilisation scattered about, Experiment 101’s vision is far from bleak when it comes to its color palette. From its vast world to explore, to the many odd creatures you’re likely to encounter — both friendly and vicious alike — Biomutant’s visual stylings remain as vibrant as they are eye-catching. What’s more, we also got a brief look at the game’s weapon crafting and upgrade abilities — vehicles too benefiting from some manner of upgrade as players can freely glide, sail and drive about the game’s vast environments.

However, for those hoping the trailer would end on some surprise, sooner-than-expected date of release, you may be left disappointed. Experiment 101 somewhat stealthily noting this as a game unlikely to see release anytime soon. Or at the very least this year, despite the team’s early statements on entering the “final stages of development”. Instead, stating the game is “coming…when we are happy with it.” Biomutant is planned to launch on PS4, Xbox One & PC.