Wrestling Promoter App Ringmaster Heads to Kickstarter For Funding

If you’re a long-time wrestling fan, and disappointed by the weekly booking blunders of WWE and TNA, then Ringmaster seeks to let you live out a fantasy wrestling league as you see fit – on iOS devices. Brian Papa seeks to give iPhone and iPad owners, like our own Steve Hannley, a wrestling promoter sim that makes full use of touch screens. It will give you a roster of over 50 wrestlers and follows along a natural progression from a small-time company to a big-time one. Match stipulations can vary from the basic to the more lavish – like cages and ladder matches. More absurd ones, like reverse battle royals and barbed wire Christmas tree matches aren’t feature, thank the lord.

The backing levels start at $1, which gets you a credit and a tappable link to whatever you’d like – such a Linkedin profile or Youtube page. $10 gets you a copy of the game, as well as the credit reward, while $25 gets you that stuff and a strategy guide. $40 gets you that and lets you make a sign in the game, while $5 does that and gives you a trading card with an in-game wrestler.  $75 backers get a limited print of the Ringmaster roster, while those spending $100 get a venue named after you – if you’re named Hugh Jass (or Hugh G. Rection), please take advantage of this for the good of mankind. Beyond that, the tiers get you things like beta access, a guest spot on a podcast, the ability to create a wrestler for the game, and a dinner complete with a wrestling show with the developer. Unlike a lot of Kickstarters, there aren’t any crazy four-figure levels, so if you’re a big wrestling fan with a love of the iOS platform and wrestling, you’ll definitely want to give this at least some of your money.