WWE 2K18 DLC Characters Revealed

WWE 2K18 has had some pretty incredible trailers so far – including the “Be Like No One” trailer that revealed the Hardys as characters in the game. Since they weren’t part of the announced roster, it led to speculation that they would be DLC – and that was confirmed today. They were announced alongside Elias, Ruby Riot from NXT, and Drew McIntyre – making his first WWE gaming appearance since 2K14. This will be the first video game appearance for Elias and Ruby Riot, while the Hardys return to gaming after an extended absence due to their TNA Wrestling run. They have been popular as created character, and this year’s creation suite will no doubt be used to create updated attires for them as time goes on.


Lars Sullivan and¬†Aleister Black of NXT make their gaming debut as DLC here, while Beth Phoenix returns to the virtual roster for the first time in several years. The Rock ‘n Roll Express of Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson join the lineup, and make their WWE game debuts here. They have been in games before – but their Legends of Wrestling game appearances didn’t do them a lick of justice. WWE 2K18 should do a far better job with them, and having them in matches with the Hardys will be a great cross-generational mix of North Carolina draws from the ’80s, ’90s, ’00s, and ’10s coming together.