Xbox Game Showcase Length Revealed, No Pricing Info Included

Microsoft today provided additional details regarding their upcoming Xbox Games Showcase, including the fact that we won’t be getting any pricing info.

Those hoping to learn more about Xbox Series X’s launch plans, including pricing, won’t get that info next week. July 23’s Xbox Games Showcase is all about the games. In fact, Microsoft revealed today that the show will last about an hour. A pre-show hosted by Geoff Keighley kicks off at 8am PT before the main event at 9am PT.

As for the stream itself, you can catch it on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and Twitter. It’ll be capped at 1080p/60fps, but a 4K version will be uploaded to YouTube after.

Despite both the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 being a few months out, neither Sony or Microsoft have wanted to discuss price or a release date. Both are rumored to be holding August events that will delve further into their release plans. What we do know about Xbox Series X’s launch is that it comes out this holiday season. Halo Infinite serves as a launch title.

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