Xbox Series S Branding Allegedly Appears in the Wild Again

It would appear that more Xbox Series S branding has appeared in the wild.

At this point, Xbox Series S is one of the industry’s worst kept secrets. Leaks about it began surfacing over a year ago as Lockhart. However, last month, we got our first official sighting of the Series S branding, courtesy of official Xbox Wireless Controller packaging. Now, we might have more evidence.

A Twitter user found the evidence in a new Xbox Wireless Controller. On the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate pack-in, it clearly mentions Xbox Series X|S. That’s the same identifier utilized in last month’s leak.

The fact that packaging including Xbox Series S language in the wild suggests that the console was likely to have been announced by now. In fact, it was heavily believed that Microsoft was supposed to have an event in August to announce the console. Xbox Series X pricing and release date info would have also appeared at the event. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. It is believed that the event was pushed to September. Due to a potential last minute slippage, it’s possible materials like this had already been printed, packed into boxes, and shipped to retailers.

Hopefully, this is the month we finally learn about Xbox Series S.