Xbox Series X/S Expandable Storage Cards Pricing Revealed

We now know how much it’s going to cost to expand storage on the Xbox Series X/S.

We’ve known Microsoft’s solution to expandable storage was going to be proprietary memory cards. The console manufacturer confirmed that months ago when they announced a partnership with Seagate. The bigger question was how much these memory cards were going to cost. There were clues the cards would be pricey, and that has turned out to be true.

Best Buy put up their pre-order page for the 1TB Game Drive for Xbox Series X and Series S, confirming a price of $219.99. Xbox Series X comes equipped with 1TB of storage. The Xbox Series S only hasĀ  512GB. Considering how big game sizes are these days, extra storage is always nice. Thankfully, Xbox One games can be stored on an external HDD, freeing up precious space on your console’s SSD.

Expensive expandable storage is, unfortunately, a side effect of moving to SSD. We’re still waiting to hear about Sony’s solution, though it might not be as restrictive. Sony is allowing players to put their own SSDs into a PS5, as long as they meet the speed requirements of the internal SSD. So far, Sony has not released a compatibility list.

Xbox Series X/S launches November 10.