Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected Unveiled As New Epilogue Chapter

To those who can recall the first announcement of Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, you may remember there was a hint as to a new region of the game’s world that was previously not seen in the original games. Fans may know this as the infamous Bionis Shoulder — a section of the prime Bionis setting that was cut from Xenoblade Chronicles — and from that trailer, it appeared to hint towards that region making its way into the main game. Though it was unclear whether this would be a part of the main story or not, and if so, how that would factor into the story’s original progression.

Well we look to have got some answer of sorts with a tie-in piece of news — alongside the Definitive Edition’s release date — that this area will in fact take the form of a new Epilogue chapter to the main story, dubbed Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected. Set after the close of the main game’s story, Future Connected appears to show main protagonist Shulk and party member Melia (though it’s unclear if the game strictly limits players to these two characters) investigate what looks like a city or settlement located in the region, when inter-dimensional anomalies mean it’s a less than straight-forward matter to resolve. How this all plays out, is sure to tempt long-time fans even more to jump back into the world of Bionis (and Mechonis), when the game launches for Nintendo Switch on May 29.