Yakuza 7 Officially Announced, New Setting, Combat Introduced

It looks like Sega and Ryu Ga Gotoku are still proceeding with the numbering system for the Yakuza IP, with the next mainline entry in the long-running series officially announced and shown off for the first time during the company’s latest press conference held in Japan. Yakuza 7: Hikari to Yami no Yukue (or roughly translated as Yakuza 7: Where Light and Darkness Resides) will see the debut of new series protagonist, Kasuga Ichiban — if you’re excluding Yakuza Online — and will this time see events unfolding away from the regular series setting of Kamurocho, Tokyo.

Set this time in Isezaki, Yokohama — with the developers claiming the world map is more than three times the size of previous entries — the game begins with Ichiban recently released from an 18-year prison sentence, after taking the fall for his former Yakuza boss. However, upon being released, Ichiban finds his former clan betray and even sent out to kill him. Naturally, Ichiban sets out to seek answers as well as the mysterious disappearance of the Tojo Clan. But perhaps the biggest and most interesting piece of information to come out of the announcement is the fact Yakuza 7 will be veering more towards turn-based combat, as opposed to the series-standard, real-time, beat-em-up segments that have become a staple as of late. You can catch the announcement trailer — currently only in Japanese — below. Yakuza 7: Where Light and Darkness Resides, is planned for release in the West sometime in late 2020.