YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG Demo Available to Play in Retail Locations

Fans of RPG titles from yesteryear are looking forward to Ackk Studios’ upcoming YIIK.  It is set in the 1990’s on the cusp of the new millennium and follows a group of strangers as they band together in order to solve strange happenings. Players will experience unique battles, crazy characters, and perhaps a bit of nostalgia.

If you’re excited for the game’s release, try checking out a demo version available to play on PlayStation 4 kiosks in GameStop, Target, and Walmart. The announcement was made via the team’s Twitter account and assures fans even if stores do not have a demo at the moment, it will happen soon.

So far there is no word on a PS Vita, Wii U, or PC demo or anyway to check it out from home. The slated release date for the full version was scheduled to occur this summer but as August is nearing its end, it seems we’ll have to wait. We are looking forward to more updates on YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG and will keep you posted.