YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG Releases New Screenshots Ahead of PAX East

The most wonderful time of the year, at least along the east coast, (and more specifically in Boston, Massachusetts) is upon us again as PAX East 2016 kicks off soon. In only one week many gamers and developers will gather to experience one of the video game industry’s biggest weekends. One such developer that will be there is the team of AckkStudios with their anticipated title YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG.

Well, before they even get to PAX, AckkStudios revealed several new in-game screenshots. We’re getting yet an even closer look at some of the environments, dialogue and battle modes from the game. There are also familiar faces and some fun Easter eggs if you can find them. AckkStudios even revealed the map is actually the state of New Jersey on its side. Folks are calling YIIK the spirit successor to old school JRPGs like Earthbound but we can now happily redefine that acronym as Jersey Role-playing Game and that sounds pretty good in our opinion.

So, convention attendees will experience a brand new build of YIIK compare to last year with new areas and improved graphics. There are even official t-shirts available for you to purchase when you fall in love with the game. If you haven’t gotten your passes to PAX East, you better hurry. And check out the brand new screenshots below.