Yo-Kai Watch 4 Confirmed, Series Making Switch Debut

While Level-5 themselves haven’t made any official announcement thus far, the latest issue of Famitsu looks to have confirmed that the next entry in the portable RPG, is indeed on the way with Yo-Kai Watch 4. What’s more, the fourth mainline title appears to be making its way onto Nintendo Switch, a first for the series. Though the game has been received rather well in the West, it’s in its native land of Japan where a large portion of the series’ commercial success is predominantly based.

So far, the first two entries in the series have been localised and while Yo-Kai Watch 3 released almost two years ago in July 2016, a Western iteration still has yet to surface. Yo-Kai Watch 4 as well, remains only confirmed for Japan for the time being, however it looks to have confirmed Level-5’s previous statement that all their future titles releasing for a Nintendo platform would be on Switch only and that 3DS development may very well be over.