Yo-kai Watch Gets North American Release Date

The Pokémon-like RPG, Yo-kai Watch, has been a smash hit in Japan since early in 2013. Since then, American fans of Japanese entertainment have been asking for this game to be localized. It was announced at E3 this year during the Nintendo Direct event that the series would indeed be making its way over to the states, they just didn’t say when. Now there is a date for the 3DS exclusive and that date is November 6.

Yo-kai Watch the video game will not be the only thing to make it’s way over the Pacific, though. The well received TV show based on the game will appear on Disney XD this Fall. The show is a comedy that focuses on the main character from the game and his Yo-kai friends as they try to solve mysteries usually caused by other Yo-kai.

There will also be a localized manga series for the Yo-kai franchise, and that will begin on November 3rd and will be on an every-two-weeks schedule. Then, once you’ve become completely hooked on all things Yo-kai Watch, Hasbro will be making toys for the franchise, including Yo-kai watches, games, and figures.

Yo-kai has made a ton of money in Japan, around 2 billion dollars, and it’s almost sure to be just as big here in the states. So if you’re in to Pokémon and are sad that there isn’t one coming out this year, check out Yo-kai Watch.