Yo-Kai Watch: The Movie Now Streaming on Netflix

Chances are fans of mischievous animated spirits enjoy Yo-Kai Watch but now series’ first film is available to stream right nyow! You can check out Yo-Kai Watch: The Movie on Netflix and enjoy meeting even more crazy characters as Nate, Jibanyan, and Whisper travel to the past and discover the origins of the Yo-Kai Watch.

The film debuted in selected theaters this year but those not lucky enough to attend the events can check the whole thing out on Netflix. Play your game and watch the movie at the same time as long as Signibble doesn’t interfere with your power supply. If anything goes wrong, just blame those Yo-Kai.

Season 2 of Yo-Kai Watch is currently airing on Disney XD while the sequels to last year’s surprise 3DS hit are available now.