Yoshi’s New Island Coming To 3DS This Spring

Fans of the original Yoshi’s Island should get excited for Spring 2014.  Nintendo has confirmed that the long awaited sequel will hit store shelves quite soon for the 3DS.

A brand new trailer was released as part of today’s Nintendo Direct episode.  It featured Yoshi and Baby Mario running around on a 2D level.  One of Yoshi’s new abilities allows him to swallow giant enemies to create giant eggs and then use them to destroy obstacles.  Nintendo also confirmed that the creative director from the original title, Takashi Tezuka, is working on Yoshi’s New Island as a producer.

No solid release date was given, just Spring 2014.  We can look forward to hearing more news about the game in the coming months.

Yoshi’s New Island is out Spring 2014 exclusively on the 3DS and 2DS.  Check out the teaser trailer below: