You can Officially Bet on League on Legends

One of the defining moments of any sport or anything wanting to be considered a sport is whether or not you can gamble away all of your money on it.

Well, now if you find yourself in Vegas you can officially gamble on League of Legends tournaments and lose all of your money in a different way on a video game. Betting has always been a thing for eSport, but starting this weekend you can officially find odds on the IEM Oakland League of Legends tournament at The Downtown Grand in Vegas.

So, if you’re in Las Vegas and you’ve got some money to blow you can now take a literal gamble on the tournament this weekend.

Team Solomid are the favorites after a rather dominating performance in the NA LCS and a good showing at Worlds, but be warned they are without their star ADC and are subbing in WildTurtle who use to play for the team a season ago. In my opinion Longzhu Gaming are the favorite because LCK.