You Have 12 Hours To Make Sure The Princess Is Never Rescued

Face it: the first time you heard that your princess was in another castle, your eyes went red with rage. Every time you got close to achieving victory and coming to a loose-end-tying, closure-granting end and the evil turd who’d plagued you for the last dozen hours swept in and delivered another mess of problems, you couldn’t wait to smash his/her/its face in. But then, late at night, wile you tossed and turned, restless and aggravated by these new frustrations, an insidious thought crept into the back of your mind… “What if I could be the bad guy?”

That’s the premise behind Josh Hano’s cartoony side-scroller¬†Nefarious.¬†Now in its final half-day of funding, the game allows you to kidnap princesses (score!), control bosses to throw all manner of wrenches into the plans of would-be heroes and generally wreak mayhem. The game is eye-catching and highly promising. Go ahead, give in. Fund the Kickstarter and become the bad guy you always knew you were. You know you want to.