Ys Origin Makes the Journey to Switch Later in 2020

The initial adventure in the Ys series will be making it onto Nintendo Switch later this year. There’s no release date yet, but Dotemu has already announced that Ys Origin will be available both digitally via the Nintendo eShop and physically thanks to Limited Run Games. Fans will actually have their choice of two different physical versions: a standard and a collector’s edition. The standard version is more or less what one would expect: just a cartridge in a nice case. The collector’s edition, on the other hand, comes with a poster, a soundtrack CD, an artbook and a collector’s box.

Ys Origin follows two fighters as they journey up an impossibly-tall tower in search of their world’s goddesses. The deities have been missing for a long time now, and their absence has allowed monstrous forces to threaten humanity’s very existence. It’s a tough struggle to get through, but Ys Origin’s combination of arcade brawling, platforming and puzzle elements have made it worthwhile for many a fan over the years.