Ys Origins to be Pre-Order From Limited Run Games

It’s hard to know how much of something to make in advance, as evidenced by Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, Night Trap, and N++.  Wonder Boy and Night Trap sold out in seconds, N++ lasted a weekend.  While N++ did sell out eventually, and it was great that anyone who wanted it had a chance at a copy, once Wonder Boy and Night Trap were gone there were a lot of very upset people who’d like to have not been stuck scouring Ebay for scalper prices.  Ys Origins looked like it could potentially be another victim of a conservative print run, but at this point everyone has had enough of the two-second availability window including Limited Run Games.  For the second time since Skullgirls, LRG is running a pre-order.  Ys Origins, in both PS4 and Vita formats, will be available to anyone who wants a copy of the standard edition on August 25.  The Collector’s Edition is only going to be 3,000 copies, of course, because that version is supposed to be a rare collectible, but anyone with an internet connection and $29.99 to spare can snag a copy of Ys Origin without killing themselves in a high-speed checkout race.

Also on Friday is another RPG, Asdivine Hearts for PS4 and Vita.  This one gets the traditional release, 3,800 copies per platform, available at 10AM and 6PM EST.  While Asdivine Hearts doesn’t have anything like the name recognition of Ys, it’s still a JRPG on the Vita so likely to move at lightning-fast pace.  Even with the pressure being relieved on Ys it’s probably best to be ready if you want it.

It’s also worth mentioning that there will also be a PAX West-exclusive Ys Origins cover.  It’s always fun to have a special something for collectors to chase after, right?