Yum Yum Yummy is an Adorable, Challenging Puzzler on Kickstarter

Are you tired of casual puzzle games akin to Candy Crush Saga which rely primarily on chance-based gameplay? If you’ve been wishing these sorts of puzzle match games could once again become challenging then it might be worth checking out Yum Yum Yummy’s Kickstarter pitch.

Yum Yum Yummy still has an adorable veneer. The blocks feature artwork of adorable little animals or objects. These aren’t just aesthetic choices, though, as placement of animals completely changes how they respond to blocks. For example, when the panda is adjacent to a bamboo block it will eat it and move where that had been. Keeping track of what animals do, and where you move blocks, is imperative to success.

Those who would like to help Yum Yum Yummy out can also vote for the puzzler on Steam Greenlight. The game is planned for Windows and Mac as well as Android and iOS.

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