2013 Best Reboot

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Best Reboot

Tomb Raider
It’s rather shocking to think it took so long to reboot the Tomb Raider franchise. Despite the series not making an impact in the same way the first three games did, Tomb Raider is one of those franchises that simply struggled to innovate and captivate for a solid decade. But then this reboot came along. It’s hard to even call Tomb Raider a mere a reboot, however, as it’s far more a revelation in a series that was nearly on life support. With a distinct cinematic flare to its scenes and set pieces, beautiful environments and the lack of any kind of interfering, immersion-breaking HUD, this is a visually stunning experience. Factor in a shockingly compelling narrative in addition to solid gameplay mechanics, and gets not only one of the strongest Tomb Raider titles this generation, but also one of the best adventure games period. The archery aspects may ultimately feel flat, and combat can feel a bit repetitive after a while, the realism and overall grit of the experience make it hard to stop playing. A sprawling open wilderness, an insane amount of collectibles and a interesting-enough online multiplayer make for one hell of an adventure. Tomb Raider truly does raise the bar for video games.

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