2013 Best Wii U Game

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Best Wii U Game

Super Mario 3D World
I would be lying if I said Super Mario 3D World redefines the platforming genre or Mario for that matter, but that doesn’t stop it from delivering an amazing experience. A lot of this has to do with Nintendo having fun with the stages, such as adding a murky swamp, a Zelda inspired level, a haunted pirate ship and even a solid gold train loaded with coins. In addition to having fun with the concept, Super Mario 3D World offers different challenges for each character. What might be easy for Peach could be next to impossible as toad and vice versa. This allows games to not only “adjust” the difficulty, but makes multiplayer a lot more challenging than before. With eight worlds to explore, several post game worlds to discover and a special bonus for getting all the collectibles, it’s no surprise why fans can’t stop talking about Super Mario 3D World.

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